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Warrior Brewing Company has an exceptional mission: to brew beer where nearly all profit goes to exceptional Veteran charities. We believed in this, and tasked with building the brand and web presence for WBC. We wanted something stark, powerful, and carried a bold presence that also maintained some skeuomorphic tendencies. Warrior Brewing beer needed to be seen on a shelf, and have a brand that is highly competitive in a packed industry. The bottles were made to be simple, patriotic, and characteristically memorable.

Logomark The logo has a classic, traditional feel with contrasting colors, creating a sharp look.
Apparel The apparel associated with Warrior Brewing Company needed to be readily recognizable in a crowd, and needed to implement a traditional feeling due to the nature of the audience. We also put effort into creating a comprehensive brand around transportation and packing for the beer line.
Beers The bottle labels needed to be future-proof; as additional runs of beer were expected, the label needed to be congruent with future recipes, as well as hit the overall feeling of the company vision. The labels ended up being hard in nature; the design was concrete, with strong and legible letters, and subtle connectively between the rest of the packaging, from the six pack carrier to the neck label, and the color of the font that carried through.
User Interface The website needed to be intertwined heavily into the physical product design, and also be modern enough to be eye-catching, but traditional enough to reach the intended audience. With the graphical assets, the rough-hewn feel to the website came alive.